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The UGC feature has mostly been criticized due to potential copies of pre-existing catalog items by Roblox, low-effort, or unoriginal ideas. Some examples being some early hats by tarabyte (BiggestHead, Despacito Spider, Illuminati, and Triple Headstack), as well as the Cartoony Rainbow items by CodyDevv that have been seen by some players as over saturating the Avatar Shop due to being copied and released in bulk by some other creators within a short time frame.

Aside from that, UGC has also specifically been criticized by the trading community for fears of limited and limited unique items dropping in value. This began when the Downtown Denizen Fedora was uploaded by WhoToTrus and had subsequently been claimed by some parts of the community to be a ripoff of The Classic Roblox Fedora, despite the Downtown Denizen Fedora using a noticeably different mesh and texture on closer inspection.

Another concern about UGC from the traders and collectors in general is the fact that Roblox appear to have canceled their official sales, that were known for taking back popular ‘classic’ items such as the Bighead and Workclock Headphones as well as releasing new retextures of famous item meshes like Domini and Valkyrie Helms. The lack of these has led to disappointment from lots of users including prominent community members such as Younite and some UGC creators who used to participate in sales themselves.

The ability for the creators to allow comments has also drawn criticism as the vast majority of UGC comment sections lean to be filled with spam chains unrelated to the item as well as general toxicity due to certain users attacking other commenters personally as well as the item and its publisher. They have often been compared to YouTube comment sections as both tend to be filled with children who primarily comment using text-based meme formats, along with many commenters seeking to start good arguments with each other over their opinions.

Based on the research, on December 14, 2019, the users in the Roblox Video Stars Program were granted the ability to upload UGC items at a slower rate than selected developers, presumably in response to YouTube’s regulation changes regarding COPPA. This has been met with disdain by some users as they feel that Roblox is favoring video creators as opposed to developers, big and small. Additionally, some Star Program creators have been accused of uploading low effort items with the most notable instance being the Golden Parrot by AntRavioli.

We get information that JohnAvia was accepted as part of the UGC program, after posting lots of UGC concepts. Then, it was discovered all of his UGC concepts were plagiarized from other artists, which resulted in backlash against him. His items quickly got content deleted. Apparently, many users have already criticized the UGC catalog for its increasingly large selection of animal-related accessories. They trust that the developers which make such items are pandering to the Furry community that heavily frowned upon in the Roblox community and some parts of the internet.

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