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Wheel of Fortune is a game made by alexnewtron in December 2009. For your information, alexnewtron is a creator of the popular game, Roblox MeepCity. The game of Roblox Wheel of Fortune is categorized into a comedy genre. Based on the research, the game has placed visits around 7,850,000.

Before the game starts, three players join, and they have to press “Ready” within 15 seconds for the game to start. When the game of Roblox Wheel of Fortune starts, the host (ejob) starts the game with a toss-up puzzle. After someone solves the first toss-up puzzle, the host will introduce the players. The host will show their names, how old they are on Roblox, and how lots of place visits they have. Then, if someone solves the second toss-up puzzle, the first round will begin.

During a round, when it’s a player’s turn, they are able to spin the wheel, purchase a vowel or solve the puzzle. If the wheel lands on “bankrupt”, they lose the money which they have. If the wheel lands on “lose a turn”, it will skip the player’s turn. While if the wheel lands on a space with a wild card, after a player picks the right letter, they are able to use it when they move on to the final round. Between rounds, an advertisement for Roblox Dodgeball appears.

At the end of the second round, the player’s total cash won is going to appear. After the second round, the host (ejob) will announce the third toss-up puzzle. After a player can solve the third toss-up puzzle, so the third round begins. After the third round, the player with the most cash has the ability to spin a wheel. When the puzzle is shown, the host (ejob) will give the letters “R”, “S”, “T”, “L”, “N”, and “E”. The player gives 3 more consonants and a vowel. If they have a wild card, so they have an ability to pick another consonant. After all letters are picked by the player, the player will get 45 seconds to solve the puzzle. After the puzzle is solved, then the player will get a money prize. Finally, the game is over.

We get information that there is a livestream incident. By the way, do you ever hear about this livestream incident? If you do not know about this and you want to know this information, well here we are going to talk a little bit about that information. Based on the research, there is a user named Amiracle56 that was inputting a profane phrase in front of an administrator named BrightEyes during a livestream. After this incident, it was presumably permanently banned. Actually, there is a video of the incident that can be watched. But, you will not be able to watch that video because it is not available now.

The game of Wheel of Fortune closed on July 20, 2018 after it was exploited multiple times. Since 2019, the game is in Experimental Mode that means it is no longer able to be played.

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