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Mad Murderer is a game in Roblox created by MAD Studio. The game is categorized into a survival genre. However, now the game is broken due to the filtering update made to Roblox. In this page, we are going to discuss Roblox Mad Murderer characters. If you want to know this information, please read this entire article below.


There are lots of characters in the Mad Murderer. You have to note that every round, each player is selected to play one of Mad Murderer characters. They are Adam, Billy, Callie, Chazz, Adriel, Axel, Ben, Anna, Angel, Cliff, Clutch, Duke, Eliah, Ethan, Fabio, Flinn, Francis, Dave, Dennis, Drew, Frank, Fired, Tony,Hans, Harry, Jack, Jeff, Jen, Jessi, Jimmy, Garry, Gordon, Susan, Tom, John, Julie, Kat, Kevin, Lara, Larry, Nemo, Nick, Nolan, Otto, Paul, Peter, Red, Rick, Rita, Rose, Ross, Lee, Luis, Maisy, Martin Mike, sarah, Sherman, Signe, Steve, Summer, and Walther.


There are also some Roblox Mad Murderer characters who have been removed from the game for a reason or another factor. They are David, Christopher, Jonas, Joseph, Greg, Charlie, and Ralph.

Finally, you know all playable as well removed characters in the game of Mad Murderer. Now, you may want to know more details about each character.

  • Adam is one of characters from the Mad Murderer. He appears as a secret minigun class character in Mad Paintball. He is a tier five character card in Mad Games and as a secret character in Jury Rigging.
  • Angel is a female angel with a golden halo, a small pair of white wings, blonde hair, and a black headband. She wears a white dress and black sandals.
  • Axel is a character of Roblox Mad Murderer that was introduced in the 2014 Summer Update and a new addition to The Mad Murderer. He is a Tier 4 character in Mad Games. Axel is a white male who wears a black bandana wrapped around his face, a black cap, a white sweater with a brown and grey jacket over it, and brown pants.
  • Ben is one of characters on Roblox Mad Murderer. He was introduced in The Mad Murderer’s version 0.1.1. He is a Tier 3 character in Mad Games.
  • Billy is one of the characters in the original cast of the Mad Murderer characters in. He is a starter character in Mad Paintball, a craftable character in Jury Rigging, and he is a Tier 2 character in Mad Games.
  • Adriel is a character that was introduced in the 2014 Summer Update and a new addition to The Mad Murderer. Adriel is a tier 1 character card in Mad Games and the last known as non-premium character for Mad Paintball.
  • Anna is one of the female characters of Mad Murderer. She was introduced in the 2014 Summer Update and a new addition to The Mad Murderer. She is appearing as a shotgun class character in Mad Paintball and as a tier 2 character card in Mad Games.

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