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Recently, there are many people who talk about the sites giving Robux for free. One of them is Do you believe that? In our opinion, it is only a scam. Or it is only a way to steal your data. So, you do not believe that.

In other cases, if you want to try visiting that site, you are free to do. But, you do not hope to get Robux without spending Robux or doing nothing. It is very impossible to get Robux without doing nothing. At least, you will need to spend your money. If you come to this page to find out the information on how to get Robux through, we are so sorry as we will not talk about that. Do you really want to get Robux? Please do some activities that can reward you an amount of Robux.

Well, in this article, we are  going to share some ways to earn Robux officially. If you really want to get Robux, please follow these ways below:

  • The first way, you have to be a part of the Builders Club. It is going to give you a daily Robux stipend.
  • The second way, you have to sell the clothes and place access. If you are a part of the Builders Club, you will be able to get 70% of the profit from the selling of the clothes and place access.
  • The third way, you have to join the Developer Attribution if you are a developer.
  • The next way, you have to sell the gamepasses. This is available for both Builders Club members and non Builders Club members. If you are a member of Builders Club, you are going to get profit 70% of sales. While if you are not a member of Builders Club, you only profit 10% of sales.
  • The fifth way, you have to participate in the Affiliate Program. This program is available for both Builders Club and non Builders Club members.
  • The sixth way, if you are a developer, you have to use Mobile Ads to get Robux.
  • Another way, to get Robux as quick as, you have to purchase Robux on the official Robux page.


  • For 100 Robux, you are able to create groups.
  • For 25 Robux, group owners will be able to create a new rank for their group.
  • For 1,000 Robux, you are able to change their username.
  • You are able to create a Badge for their game at a price of 100 Robux each.
  • You are able to bid on an advertisement for their games, clothing, groups or models for different amounts of Robux.
  • You are able to pay to access certain games with varying prices.
  • You are able to purchase items in the catalog for varying amounts of Robux, excluding free items.
  • You are able to buy game passes and developer products for specific games.
  • You are able to upload an audio file to the Library, with costs ranging from 20 Robux to 350 Robux depending on how long the length of the audio is.

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