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You may also know that Robux can be earned through Game Cards. In the card, there will be a code that you have to redeem in Roblox and then you can use it to get Robux. Can we get Robux at Gamestop? Yes, you can get Robux from Gamestop but of course it is in the form of Game Cards.

As announced by Roblox in its blog on October 31st, 2010 tha Roblox Cards are available at GameStop and also Best Buy. So, you are able to buy the Roblox Cards in the Gamestop stores and you are able to use it to buy Robux or membership. How does a game card work to get Robux? You are able to purchase a $10 Roblox Card at GameStop and then once you have a card, you are able to login to Roblox and access the GameCard page. You need to scratch off the section on the back of the card which hides the secret code that is needed to activate your card. The code on the back of the card is only able to be used once. So, you have to make sure that you do not buy a card if the back is already scratched off. After that, you have to enter the code and then click on the Redeem button. Now, you are ready to spend your Roblox credits on Robux or Membership.

Roblox game cards are not only available in GameStop, but also in Amazon, Walmart, CostCo, BestBuy, Newegg, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and some more stores. You are able to check the availability of the Roblox game cards in the Roblox GiftCards page on the Roblox site. Or, you are able to contact your local store to check whether they have Roblox Game Cards in stock. If they don’t sell Roblox Game Cards, you are able to ask them to sell it in the future.

How much do the Game Cards cost? Usually, they are available in USD amounts $10, $25 and $40. However, some stores may have other amounts. GameStop has a card that permits you to be able to load up with USD $10 – $100.

If you have bought a Roblox Game Card and you also have redeemed it, then you are able to use it. Besides, you can also redeem credit to pay for a purchase. How to do that? Follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to log into your account on a browser.
  • After that, access the Membership Page or Robux Page.
  • In this step, you have to choose the product that you want to buy by choosing the green button.
  • And then, choose the Redeem Roblox Card as the payment type and Continue.
  • Here, you have to enter the PIN and Redeem.
  • If your Roblox Credit balance has been updated, then choose Submit Order.
  • Finally, the page will update to confirm your payment.

Do you want to try it? You are able to buy Robux Game Cards in the Game Stop or other retailers and then redeem the codes to get credits that you can use to buy Robux or Membership.

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