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Is Robux Hub ( a scam or a legit way to get Robux? Lots of people said that it seems like a phishing scam. Roblox Wiki also warns about the phishing scams. If you want to get Robux, we suggest you get it legally.

Apparently, there are some Roblox players who have visited the Robux hub. They may want to get Robux without spending Robux, Unfortunately, it will be impossible for Roblox players to get Robux without spending money. Now, we suggest you learn about the Phishing scams.

You have to know that Phishing scams take place when a user gives their sensitive information to a seemingly legitimate service, only to get malicious results. The damage from losing Robux, account compromise, and malware infections. Phishing scams are so common and are often targeted towards new or young users who have not created purchases on their account, as Robux and Premium are desired by lots of players but cost money that they may not want to spend or cannot afford to buy.

  • Login info via Roblox messages. The scammer messages a user and asks for her/his username and password in return for Robux or services, such as Roblox Premium. This is able to result in account loss. In 2016, this scam became more common and was often done by sending a message to the user while playing a front page game. After the victim is scammed, then the victim’s account is used by the scammer to scam others.
  • Login info via friend request. The scammer follows and sends a friend request to the user with usernames which persuades the user to click on his/her profile. The profile description contains an offsite link which will ask the victim to input his/her login information, usually for a reward of Roblox Premium or Robux. This scam is more effective than Roblox messages alone since the users are able to limit the number of people who can message them.
  • Login info via email. The scammer leaves the comments asking for the users to give account information to an email address, listing false reasons which can seem convincing to a newbie Roblox user.
  • Login info via exploits. The scammer leaves the comments directing the users to a link that gives an exploit tool for the Roblox client that will ask for login info.
  • Fake websites. The fake website has a login form and a domain name which looks realistic but is fake and claims to give a fake reward which needs to be posted on some games.
  • Fearmongering. The scammer pretending to be an official Roblox associate, messages a user and asks them if they are the rightful owner of their account, citing an apparent increase in the user’s account value and claiming they have already messaged another user who failed to provide proof and had their account terminated. If the user ends up giving an explanation, the scammer is going to ask them to contact them on an offsite program/ URL.

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