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Terabyte Services was a Roblox application center group made by SquirrelByte (also known as Jay). The purpose behind the group was to offer the users to make application centers for their groups and preview responses to the application center using the TBS website.


In April 2017, Terabyte Services (TBS) was changed from an Anti Exploit service to an application center service. Also, ranking bots were made around this time.


Prior to being an application center service, TBS was built around the idea of anti exploit. The games with Terabyte Services installed would have the ability to call a Terabyte Services official to the server if someone was exploiting. The Terabyte Services employee would have tools and commands to take care of the exploiter. Also, they had a debotting service that removed scams from group walls.


Terabyte Advertising is a paired group with Terabyte Services which provides in-game advertising. The Developers who put advertisements in their game get 30 Robux every 1000 views through the payout feature on the site. 100 Robux must be accumulated in order to cash out, and the user should be in the terabyte services group. Aside from that, advertisements could also be bought at a rate of 50 Robux for 500 views, and the cap was 450 Robux for 4500 views. For your information, ads would be bought at the Advertising Central game.


Based on the research, on September 8, 2017, the Terabyte Services group was deleted due to the ability to buy plans via Robux, as well as SquirrelByte being warned for “Scamming”. This makes the problems with payment for plans and a complaint being created.


Terabyte hosted a special event at the Terabyte Auditorium on April 14, 2018,. The event featured SquirrelByte, JamesHenrickAnderson, and XenoSynthesis, one of TBS directors. The event announced some new features including Auto Grading and Teramin. Later, both of those features were cancelled as TBS matured. Teramin was designed to be an administrative based service where the game owners could control their games through the Terabyte Services site. The planned release date was on April 28, 2018.


Terabyte Office is an interview system made and owned by the developers of Terabyte Service. The building features 10 offices with interviews ran by bots. The game owner would connect the game to an application center made on the site. When the interview was started, the bots would host interviews with the players. When the interview was concluded, the player’s answers would be sent to the site like an application. The office was first announced on August 9, 2018, when it was used for Terabyte Service Customer Support applications. On August 16, Anyone who joined the office could get a 10-minute demo. However, this option was removed on September 5, when the users could buy the office for 2 hours for 129 Robux. Two days later, the price was dropped to 99 Robux.


On December 21, 2018, it was announced on the Terabyte Service discord that Terabyte was going to be shut down permanently.

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