Things to Build in Bloxburg to Make Money

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Do you think to earn more money by building something in Bloxburg? You may think about it but you have no ideas about the things that you will build. Here, we will give you some ideas that you may be able to apply on Bloxburg.

Cxmilla on her Youtube channel, exactly on her video entitled Ideas To Make Money | Bloxburg which was uploaded on February 1st, 2019, she shows you three things that you can do to make money on Bloxburg. According to that video, these are the things that you may be able to build to make money and the additional idea is from us.

  • Car Rental

You are able to build a car rental beside your house. If you have a lot of vehicles in your garage, of course you may not need to build a car rental. You just have to make a sign in front of your garage that you have a car rental so that everyone can rent your vehicle. You are able to take your vehicles and put them at the front of your house as well. You are able to put a wall beside your Home and add a poster on it. Do not forget to set the price for renting the vehicles.

  • Photoshoot

Building a photoshoot studio is a good idea. In front of the building, you can make a sign which says that it is a photoshoot studio and you can name it. If there is no available decals for your studio, you are able to make it first by using online or offline programs.

  • Food Delivery Service

You are able to make food and then deliver it to the players who order it.

  • Cafe or Restaurant

You are able to build a cafe or restaurant. You can open it to the server and then you will get some money. Even though it is not too great way to make money since it will not make much money per day, but it is more interesting than the jobs available in the game.

When you build them, you are able to make a price list and put it on the wall of the buildings. If you have any other ideas, you are able to make it real in the game.

If you want to get more money, you can work. You can choose any jobs in Bloxburg and do the best there so that you can get a lot of money. The jobs which are available on Bloxburg are Cashier for Bloxburg Fresh Food, Cashier for Bloxy Burgers, Delivery Person, Fisherman, Hairdresser, Janitor, Mechanic, Miner, Pizza Baker, Seller, Stocker, and Woodcutter.

If you want to earn a lot of money when you are doing your jobs, there are some tips for you. Here they are.

  • You have to buy the excellent employee gamepass.
  • You have to boost your moods.
  • You have to work for at least an hour so you are able to level up faster. If you get the higher level, you will also get more money.
  • You can work with your friends so your moods will last longer.

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