Top 10 Most Scariest Games on Roblox

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The popularity of horror games keeps rising each day. People love to experience the chills and thrills and can’t get enough of them. Are you looking for the scariest games?

If yes, you are at the right place. The popular platform called Roblox offers a lot of scary games. For those who are looking for them, here is the list of the top 10 scariest games on Roblox. Make sure to check them out.

1#FNaF: Support Requested

FNaF comes with a bunch of different games to choose from. The available ones are FNaF 1, FNaF 2, FNaF 3, Dark Rooms, Parts and Services, Vent Repair, and Night Terrors.

2#Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn is the horror game that involves multiple players who have to survive until the dawn. This one begins by showing you have 6 hours, 4 hours, 3 hours, and so on.

3#Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility is another nerve-wracking horror game built on the survival pattern. The goal of the game is to hack into the computers scattered all over the game map and unlock two exit doors.

4#Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn is set in a cemetery. This one can give you the thrills and spine chills and is worth playing it. Those who love adventures will love playing this game every inch.


Confined involves shadows and death that can give you chills. It is about the creepy creatures that attack the players in the dark. The players need to take proper measures to protect themselves from all the scary creatures lurking in the dark.

6#The Horror Elevator

The Horror Elevator is a creepypasta game. The scary elevator game is about 30 floors. There are killers that roam on all the floors aggressively while you are on your run to survive the game.

7#Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 offers the users land for the construction of their theme parks. The game has a lot of challenges and there are plenty of things to explore in the theme park.

8#Roblox High School

Roblox High Simulator is the high school simulator that permits the users to relive the highs school memories as well as interacting with the other players on the platform. You are able to earn money by remaining in the game for a more extended period, but players are able to use cash or rewards for buying things such as pets, motorcycles, mopeds, and so on.

9#Eightmare Mine

The main goal of Nightmare Mine is to find the way out of the mine and into the Sanctum. In the game, you and the other 8 are stuck inside the largest mining facility in the world.


Darkness is one of the most popular games launched in 2013. This one has accumulated an estimated 600,000 visits within the first week of the first launch. It aims to kill the barely visible beast to survive.

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