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How to get Archer in Tower Defense Simulator? If you come to this page to find out that information, apparently you are at the right page. In this article, we are going to explain how to get the Archer. Keep staying on this page to find out the information you want.


The Holiday Archer is a Tower got by the Gift of Sharpness. Formerly, you could get the Gift of Sharpness with 2500 tickets. Or you could also buy the gift of Sharpness with 250 Robux during the Christmas 2019 Event. The Archer was made available to purchase again during Spring 2020 Event for 350 Robux. It fires arrows at the zombies every 2 seconds, dealing 1 damage. The arrows have travel time. Also, they do not curve. As a result, it may struggle to hit fast-moving opponents that are far away depending on the map and tower placement.

The arrows of the Holiday Archer shoots have a unique mechanic of piercing through the zombies, letting it to damage multiple zombies in one shot, similar to the splash towers making it useful against groups of low-hp zombies like normal or abnormal and Slows or Heavies or even boss rushes with multiple of them. The arrows can only pierce two zombies at base level. However, that increases as its level gets higher. Arrows do less damage because they pierce more zombies. Arrows are going to still disappear after traveling a certain distance. The obstacles and cliffs will not obstruct the arrow’s path. You have to know that the Holiday Archer cannot target hidden zombies, but can hit them with their arrows by piercing and chance.


  • Where you place this Archer is very important because a bad tower placement can result in a huge loss of potential DPS. Therefore, you have to place the Holiday Archer where the arrows can cover the most path space, preferably along straight lines.
  • Because this tower Archer cannot detect the hidden, so we suggest you to pair this tower with another tower which has hidden detection.
  • Thanks to its high range, low cost, potentially high damage, the Archer tower is good for early-game protection.


  • The Holiday Archer has some inspiration from Tower Battle’s Archer due to the similar game functions.
  • The Holiday Archer was initially disliked because the hitbox arrow was damaged, often not giving damage to zombies that were clearly affected.
  • The Holiday Archer vibrations show arrows with the feathers, but when shooting, the feathers are no longer visible.
  • The Holiday Archer has the cheapest upgrade in the game because it’s first upgrade is only $100.
  • The Holiday Archer went back on-sale for 350 Robux during the spring sale which lasted from April 12-13 for 48 exact hours. It was brought back because of high demand. Actually, some people are disappointed that a tower was brought back into the game because they wanted the tower to be rare and valuable.

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