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You may open this page to find out the information about how to get the Commando in Tower Defense Simulator. If you want to find out that information, you need to read this article until the end. Here we are going to discuss about that.


The Commando is a ground unit that wields 2 laser pistols and wears somewhat futuristic armor. You have to know that the Commando can be obtained by beating the Area 51 event on Normal difficulty or higher. For your information, the Area 51 Event is the second Tower Defense Simulator in-game event. The event has 9 new zombies. The Commando cannot be bought in the store. It has a grey shirt and dark grey pants. Also, the Commando wears metal arm covers and boots. Its head is yellow. At Level 2+, the Commando will be able to shoot rockets from its rocket launcher strapped on its back.

Apparently, the Commando attacks by shooting its laser pistols. After Level 2, it gains a rocket launcher which means that the Commando is able to deal splash damage. At Level 4, the rocket launcher is going to shoot 4 rockets at a time. But, the main weakness of this tower is that it cannot detect the hidden zombies, meaning that you are forced to rely on towers such as the Crook Boss for hidden detection. The rockets will be able to damage hidden zombies but not target them directly.


  • This Commando cannot get hidden detection. Do not use it when the hiddens or Hidden Bosses come into play.
  • You need to save up for the Commando if no other teammate is saving up for it.
  • You have to add cheap towers such as Soldiers to assist with Hidden zombies.


  • Before the Mega Update, formerly its Final Upgrade added more than 70 DPS to its total, making it have the largest DPS increase from an upgrade.
  • The Commando have the highest DPS in the game. Even, to exceed that of Turret. Though its power was reduced in the Mega Update, it is a lot better in terms of crowd control thanks to its rockets.
  • The Commando’s Premium Skin Pirate, holds a flintlock pistol which resembles a gear from the Roblox catalog
  • This is one of the troops shown on the “triumph” screen.
  • This Commando design is very similar to the Commando from the game Risk of rain 2.


  • August 08, 2019. Added to the game.
  • October 13, 2019. Commando nerfed.
  • Tower limit changed from 5 to 7.
  1. Level 0 > 1 Upgrade: +1 > +0 Damage
  2. Level 2 > 3 Upgrade: +4 > +2 Damage
  3. Level 3 > 4 Upgrade: +8 > +6 Damage
  4. Level 4 > 5 Upgrade: +35 > +12 Damage
  • October 14, 2019): Fixed troop placement limits.

Tower limit removed. But, tower placement is still restricted by the overall 30 tower limit.

  • March 18, 2020. Buffed Commando
  1. Base Stats: $1,800 > $1,600 Starting Cost; 8 > 12 Range.
  2. Level 4 > 5 Upgrade: $20,000 > $10,000 Cost.
  3. New SFX.

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