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When you search for the information about Travis Scott Mamacita Roblox ID, you will be able to find a decal named Mamacita by HannahEspinosa. The last update of decal was on December 22, 2015. It is categorized to all genres. The description only states ‘Travis Scott’.

By the way, how about Roblox ID for Travis Scott Mamacita? For your information, Travis Scott Mamacita Roblox ID is 334427576. Now, you are able to use this Travis Scott Mamacita Roblox ID in your place. Based on the research, there are many Roblox players who have already added this Travis Scott Mamacita Roblox ID into their place.

Now, you may want to know how to get Travis Scott Mamacita decal? If you want to get this one, simply you are able to go to Roblox. Then you are able to login to your account. Make sure that you enter the right username and password. After that, you are able to type ‘Travis Scott Mamacita’ on the search bar. Do not forget to press enter to see the result. After you find the page of Travis Scott Mamacita decal, there you are going to see the green Get button. Next, you are able to click at the green Get button to get Travis Scott Mamacita decal.

Talking about Travis Scott Mamacita decal, in this article we are also going to share some information related to Roblox decal. If you want to know that information, you are able to read the following text.


You have to know that decal describes a texture that is placed on one of the sides of the Part it is parented to. For your information, there is another API similar to Decal, ExplorerImageIndex 10Texture, that does the same thing as a Decal, but instead of making the decal bigger as the BasePart gets bigger.


When entered, your decal has to be reviewed before it is available. You are able to make decals by selecting the “Decals” tab under the Develop section. After you have reached there, you will be able to use the “Choose File” button to find the picture you want to use. It is going to add the decal to your account as soon as you click “Upload”. Decals will be able to be used in Roblox Studio, and even some games such as Welcome to Bloxburg which accept searching and Copy + Paste for decals, which is able to be used for pictures.


A Decal applies an image to the BasePart it is parented to. The surface of the image is applied to and is dependent on the FaceInstance Face property. You have to note that the size of the decal is dependent on the size of the face. It means that the size and aspect ratio of a decal are able to be changed by changing its parent’s BasePart.Size. The images are able to be uploaded to Roblox provided they adhere to the community guidelines.

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