What Does Excellent Employee Give You in Bloxburg

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For those who like playing the game of Bloxburg, you may want to buy a gamepass that gives you good effect. Apparently, there are many gamepasses you can buy for the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. One of the gamepasses is Excellent Employee. By the way, what does Excellent Employee gamepass give you in Bloxburg? To find out that information, keep reading this entire article.

You have to know that Excellent Employee gamepass can increase your earnings from jobs and makes promotions more consistent. If you want to buy this Excellent Employee gamepass, you need to prepare 300 R$ for buy. We are able to say that the Excellent Employee gamepass is for people who need money and have the Robux to buy it.

So, what does Excellent Employee gamepass give you in the game of Bloxburg? You will be able to make a lot of money with this Excellent Employee gamepass, especially if you work as a pizza baker. It is due to working as a pizza baker is able to give you lots of money in a short time. Is this Excellent Employee gamepass worth purchasing?

For this case, we will give you a review of Excellent Employee gamepass. We purchased Excellent Employee gamepass two days ago. At first, nothing increased, but it really does work. This Excellent Employee gamepass offers us to get about twice the money we make regularly. In the pizza delivery, we were able to get 400 dollars for each pizza we deliver by using the Excellent Employee gamepass. We were level 6 for that job at the moment. We could get a lot more money if our level was higher.

In addition, if you read a book, your intelligence level go higher, and you will be able to get more money from that. We are not sure if it works, but you can test it out. So, if you ask us is the Excellent employee gamepass worth it or not, our answer is worth it. This will take us 65 dollars to deliver 1 pizza. But, with the Excellent employee gamepass, we are able to get about 7x more. While we were making pizzas, in a few minutes we could earn about 80 dollars (level 16). But, with the Excellent employee gamepass, we could earn about 200.

Now, you may also want to know other Bloxburg gamepasses. Well, in the text below,w e are going to share them.


This Advanced Placing gamepass offers you to place objects in tight spaces. Also, it allows the objects to collide with each other. It costs 300 Robux.


With this Premium gamepass, you are going to obtain 50% fewer bills, a red name tag coming before your name in chat, double daily rewards, ability to choose where you want to put your plot. It costs 400 Robux.


This Multiple gamepass offers you to build up to 3 floors. Also, it gives you access to the 2nd and 3rd floors, compared to only 1. It costs 300 Robux.


This Unlocked Stereo gamepass offers you to play any sound at Vehicle radios, speakers and DJ booth. Also, you will be able to make custom playlists for the former. It costs 400 Robux.

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