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The Disc is an item which is located in the waterfall. This item has different properties, you cannot hold it, you cannot use it. There is no spawn time and despawn time. Everytime you pick a Disc you have a limited time before you drop it, making you take another one. If you brought the disc to the right place, which is the Radio in Tim’s shack. It is going to play a sound. Currently, there is no meaning for the sound.

You have 15 seconds to play the disk on the radio. Near the Disc was another disc which is completely red. By pressing the Disc you are given a cutscene. It starts by zooming into the sewers until the camera reaches those mysterious red eyes that glimmer. Based on the research, the red disc was removed as of the v2.07a update.

In appearance, the Disc is very similar to Whitesnake’s Stand Disc ability (F key). For your information, Whitesnake is the first Stand that Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean acquires, while on the path to obtaining “heaven”. As a medium-ranged Stand, Whitesnake possesses 2 ranged moves. Even though this, it displays strength similar to that of close-range Stands and it is capable of performing precise and deadly movements. One of Whitesnake’s main abilities is that it is able to produce an acid that slowly digests objects like stomach acid. Also, Whitesnake’s primary ability allows its user to manipulate spirits through the use of special DISCS. This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 4% chance of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for its evolution, Whitesnake is able to be turned into C-Moon by using DIO’s Diary on the stand.

In appearance, the Whitesnake is sparsely clothed in white and, with a mask covering its face to the bottom of where its nose would be, in a piece which rises above its head. Its light skin is marked by horizontal stripes of roughly and inches height, with grey and white stripes surrounding its arms and legs. Its main colors are black and white, with hints of yellow on its accessories, such as its spikes. These spikes can be found on its neck, thighs, boots, and chest.

The Disc similarly sounds like a person tapping into a microphone or Made in Heaven’s sound effect when you use time acceleration. For your information, Made in Heaven is the Stand of Enrico Pucci (the main antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean). The Stand is the end result of the chain of heavenly evolutions from Enrico Pucci’s previous Stands; Whitesnake and C-Moon. Made in Heaven consists of the chops and slashes in its moveset. You are able to combine it with the ability to accelerate its speed. This stand can be extremely deadly when used correctly . Also, this stand has a shiny counterpart of itself: Made On Hallow’s Eve. But, currently this shiny is unobtainable.

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