What Lvl Do Loomian Starters Evolve

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Loomian Legacy is a turn-based role-playing game. It was released on July 20, 2019. The game of Loomian Legacy was made in October 2015 by the development group Llama Train Studio. By the way, what level do Loomian starters evolve? To find out that answer, you are able to read this entire article.

When you start your journey, you are first given a special Loomian known as a Beginner Loomian. For your information, there are 7 Beginner Loomians. Those Loomian species along with their evolutions take up the first 21 entries of the Loomipedia. Each Beginner Loomian has its own strength which helps you on your journey, and a strong bond can be formed as a result.

Each of the seven Beginner Loomians belongs to different types, including Fire, Electric, Water, Plant, Ice, Dark and Light. All Beginner Loomians are part of three stage evolutionary lines that get their Evolved Forms starting at Level 18, and then evolving once again to their Final Forms starting at Level 34. They all share the same regular ability, awakening, that further increases the power of attacks belonging to the same type as them, known as “Attack Type Bonus”. All seven of those Loomians cannot be found in the wild. The Beginner Loomian that the player picks in Loomian Laboratory, Mitis Town before starting his or her adventure is prohibited from being traded away, but can be rallied, in which the rallied ones can be traded. More Beginner Loomians are able to be bought at the price of 25 Robux each from Assistant Derrick after the first one is chosen and can be traded.


  • Embit

It is a starter Loomian fire type that you can reach at Loomian Lab or at Mitis Town. Embit evolves into Rabburn at Level 18, then evolves into Searknight at Level 34.

  • Rabburn

It is a fire type loomian and evolves from Embit at level 18 and Searknight at Level 34.

  • Searknight

It evolves from Rabburn at level 34. The Loomian is metal and fire type.

  • Dripple

It is a starter water type Loomian that you can get from Loomian Lab or at Mitis Town. The loomian evolves into Reptide at Level 18 and evolves into Luminami at Level 34.

  • Reptide

It is a water type Loomian and evolves from Dripple at level 18 and then evolves into Luminami at level 34.

  • Luminami

It is light and Water-type Loomian & Evolves from Reptide at level 34.

  • ¬†Fevine

It is a starter loomian Plant type Beginner that you can get from the Loomian Lab or at Mitis Town.

  • Felver

It is a plant type and evolves from Fevine at level 18 and evolves to Tahtab at level 34.

  • Tahtab

It is a Brawler and Plant Type that evolves from Felver at level 34. The last Water Type evolution.

  • Eaglit

It is a Light type like loominami but a Beginner starter Loomian that you can get from Loomian Lab or at Mitis Town.

To see all Loomian evolutions, you are able to visit this link; https://loomian-legacy.fandom.com/wiki/Loomian.

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