When is Roblox Adding Voice Chat

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Do you think that Voice Chat is a good idea in Roblox? Indeed, the voice chat that will be coming soon to Roblox is still debated. However, most Roblox players think that the voice chat can give a bad effect. Why? To know the answer, please keep staying on this page!

Is Roblox adding voice chat? The question definitely becomes a hot topic among Roblox players. However, many Roblox players are really curious to know the truth of this topic. Most Roblox players assume that this is just a hoax, but some of them are sure that Roblox totally will add the Voice Chat feature to Roblox.

You may ever see the tweet from @Bloxy_News related to this topic. The tweet on October 21, 2019 informed you that the Voice Chat might be coming soon to Roblox. There was proof that you could see on their latest video to learn what has been leaked. Then, how the Voice Chat would affect Roblox.

Then, to drive away your curiosity, you surely can watch the video at https://t.co/fWCUtgLH1O?amp=1.

But, many Roblox players view that the Voice Chat feature is not a good idea for some kids in Roblox. In fact, the average age of players in Roblox is at kids’ age. Of course, by adding the Voice Chat to Roblox will affect especially for kids. They probably will say rude and nasty stuff like there are oders at Roblox.

In this case, the Voice Chat is totally unsafe for the average age of children playing the game. Indeed, this feature is not necessary to keep the same environment.

Then, is it real that Roblox totally added the Voice Chat feature?

Although many tweets leaked that Roblox will be releasing the Voice Chat feature in the near future, but until now, there is no official announcement from Roblox in which they will add the Voice Chat to Roblox in general. The Voice Chat feature is not currently available in Roblox.

In this case, the Voice Chat feature is provided in some certain games in Roblox, not in all games. It means that Roblox did not release the Voice Chat, but some game creators of Roblox added this feature to their game.

In fact, many developers in Roblox Studio are available having Voice Chat in their game projects, so many users can attend talking in Roblox in any members. So, you just can do Voice Chat feature in certain games.

So, when is Roblox adding Voice Chat?

If you are coming here to know the time when Roblox will add the Voice Chat feature, of course, we cannot give you the answer. Indeed, Roblox Voice Chat is not available in all games, but it is only provided in certain games in Roblox. So, there is no exact time when Roblox actually added the Voice Chat.

But, if you are still wondering about the right answer, of course we recommend you to look for the information from some gaming Forums, YouTube and some social platforms.

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