When Will Bloxburg Add Pets

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In this article, we are going to list upcoming features and additions coming to the game of Welcome to Bloxburg in a future update. Everything written in this article is based on community speculation and may not be accurate to these future versions.


This version is going to most likely be an Independence Day event that will re-introduce fireworks into the game. It should be released in the beginning of July. Also, it may be a major update, in respect to the previous updates.


This section is going to list out long-term features which are confirmed for the game of Welcome to Bloxburg.

  • Implementation for the skills of Programming and Crafting.

The UI for these two skills are already have implemented into the game in the Skills tab, the actual features have yet to be released.

  • More roleplay options, possibly a school and pets. Apparently, Coeptus has been focused on bigger priorities.

If you want to find out the information regarding when pet features add in Bloxburg, unfortunately you will not get the information you want. Until now, the developers of the game cannot predict when they will add pets.  For this case, you only need to wait for an update.

Talking about Bloxburg pets. We remind about other articles on our website. We ever discussed the way to make a dog in Bloxburg. However, we know that there is not a pet feature in Bloxburg. Based on the research, to make a pet like a dog, you will need two Blxburg gamepasses. They are Advanced placing and large plot. For your information, Advanced placement allows you to place objects without collision checks in Build-Mode, it means they are able to be placed inside each other. Simply, we are able to say that Advanced placing gamepass allows you to place objects in tight spaces and also allows objects to collide with each other or be super close to each other. It cost R$200. While Large plot, this gamepass increases the size of your plots to 50×50, creating it possible to build even bigger houses. Large plot gamepass increases your house/plot size to 50 by 50 (50×50) from 30 by 30 (30×30). If you want to buy this gamepass, you are able to purchase it for R$200.

Besides pet features, a school building is another upcoming feature add to the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. Of course, there are many wishes of Bloxburg players related to the features. As a Bloxburg player, you may list your wish of the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. It is free for you to make a list of update features for the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. Usually, you are able to discuss it on the forum or group. In the group, you are able to share, discuss, and ask anything about features of Bloxburg and also the upcoming features and additions coming to the game of Welcome to Bloxburg in a future update.

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