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Roblox remains one of the most popular games in the world. The players have immense freedom to make their own places, worlds, clothes, weapons and more, but these virtual items are all locked behind a virtual currency named Robux. One of the best way to recharge your Robux is with a Roblox gift card.

So, where can you buy Roblox gift cards? Fortunately, Roblox gift card codes are available at many online retailers to buy right away, and physical gift cards are able to be purchased in shops around the world. Besides, buying a Roblox Gift Card from a specific retailer will be able to unlock a special reward unique to that retailer. Here are the fastest and easiest places to buy Roblox gift cards and gift card codes for you or your loved ones.


If you are just looking for a quick top off of Robux to snag a cool new item or game mode, purchasing a digital Roblox gift card online is the best choice. They are available on most major shopping platforms, and codes are typically sent out a few hours after purchase. Usually, most of these retailers only send a code to be redeemed in-game, so you will have to print it out or email it if you want to give it as a gift. In other cases, if you prefer a physical card, you are able to skip to the next section.

Amazon offers digital Roblox Gift Cards from $10 (800 Robux) to $50 (4500 Robux), plus a wide variety of toys and collectibles. You are able to pick the Roblox Gift Card you want there.

Walmart also offers digital Roblox Gift Card codes. You are going to receive the code by email about an hour after purchasing.

Aside from that, you are also able to pick up Roblox Gift Cards from Target’s online shop. They are available in values of $10 to $100, and are delivered via email after purchase.


Roblox gift card codes are convenient, but they do not have the same impact when slipped into an envelope with a birthday card. Fortunately, you are able to get physical Roblox Gift Cards at some locations in the United States and abroad. As mentioned above, Roblox Gift Cards from different retailers will be able to unlock a special gift when redeemed. Often, these items cannot be purchased from the shop. Here is where you are able to buy physical Roblox Gift Cards, broken down by country. You are going to find them mixed in with the other Gift Cards, typically near the checkout line.


  • 7-Eleven
  • Best Buy
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Gamestop
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart


  • 7-Eleven
  • Best Buy
  • EB Games
  • Petro Canada
  • Walmart


  • ASDA
  • Currys
  • GAME
  • Sainsbury’s
  • WHSmith


  • Big W
  • EB Games
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Woolworths

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