Who Made Clicking Legends on Roblox

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In Roblox, you are able to find Clicking Legends games. Even you are able to find two games which have the same title. You may wonder who made these games. Well, we will tell you who they are and also we will give you some explanation about the games.

Clicking Legends by Vigor Studios

The first game is Clicking Legends which was created on May 25th, 2020. This game was made by Vigor Studios. You are able to join a group named Vigor Studios to be up to date about them. The Vigor Studios group on Roblox was made by Quamatic and now it has more than 197k members. In that group, there is also a link to their Discord server where people can join it as well.

In the Clicking Legends game which was created by Vigor Studios, you are able to click your way to rebirth and be more powerful than ever. You have to hatch pets to help you on your adventure to be the one and only Clicking Legend.

This game can be played by 10 players on each server and now it has been visited more than 7 million times and has been favorited more than 47k times. There are a lot of game passes that you are able to buy in this game including:

  • x2 Luck : 459 Robux
  • x2 Gems : 349 Robux
  • +100 Pet Storage : 199 Robux
  • +250 Pet Storage : 449 Robux
  • +500 Pet Storage : 599 Robux
  • +4 Pets : 899 Robux
  • x2 Walkspeed : 79 Robux
  • +20 Pet Storage : 29 Robux
  • Multi Egg : 699 Robux
  • x2 Clicks : 399 Robux

Clicking Legends by Programmed Productions

The second game of Clicking Legends is the one which was made by Programmed Productions. You are able to join a group named Programmed Productions which was created by EncodedDex. This group now has more than 47k members.

In this Clicking Legends game, you are able to earn clicks, collect pets, collect daily chests and group chests for gems and clicks, rebirth for gems and give you multipliers and buy different islands with clicks. This game was created on June 2nd, 2020 and it can be played by 6 players. Now, this game has been visited more than 603k times and has been favorited more than 7k times.

In this game, there is a game badge that you are able to obtain and it is Welcome To Clicking Legends. This badge will be obtained by you if you played it for the first time. There are also some game passes that you can buy in this game. Those game passes are listed below.

  • 2x Clicks : 155 Robux
  • 2x Gems : 155 Robux
  • VIP : 499 Robux
  • Auto Clicker : 599 Robux
  • +125 Slots : 150 Robux
  • +4 Pets Equip : 799 Robux
  • Auto Hatch : 598 Robux
  • Triple Eggs : 465 Robux
  • Auto Rebirths : 599 Robux

Now, you have known two Clicking Legends games including the creators. So, you are able to play both of these games and decide which one your favorite is.

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