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Zailetsplay is the online name of Zaira. She is an American Roblox Youtuber. The woman was originally born in California, the United States but moved to England, the United Kingdom. She is known for her Roblox lets play. She is currently married to Ricky, the popular one known online as Biggs87x. On June 20th 2020, she revealed that she will have her first kid due in December.

Zailetsplay makes videos for younger audiences. One of the most popular contents of her is called My Cute Family series. In the series, there is an episode when Biggs meets Ellie. Zai tells Biggs to stay in the house by himself a little while telling him that she has a surprise for him. At first, he refuses and he will call Child Service. Then, he sees his room and asks Zai why they are 2 beds. However, Zai just tells him the house came like that.

When Zai comes back, she finds Biggs dancing on the table as she looks at him. Biggs sees that Zai has a dirty looking girl behind, and thinks that some homeless girl followed her to the house and that he is going to call the police. Fortunately, Zai gets him to calm down, and explains to him that she is not a homeless girl and that she is the new sister of him called Ellie.

Biggs is not a fan of the idea and hates the Ellie moment she walks in. He constantly messed with her like taking a poop in the bathroom while the girl was walking a bath. While they were at the dinner table, Giggs called Ellie ugly. The behavior of Biggs to Ellie is not acceptable, thinks Zai, so while she was planning to give Biggs and Ellie both a new room, she decides to only give Ellie a new one because she was a nice girl. On the other hand, Biggs would not get the new one until he starts being nice to his sister. The good news is the Biggs started to get along with his sister and get a new room.

During the first Halloween of the kids, Biggs meets a man that is very nice to him and he feels like he cares about him more than Zai dones, and even wants him to be his new father. Zai decides that he cannot be his father, since she barely even knows the man.

In the next video, Zai teaches Biggs how to swim which is something he had been wanting to do for a very long time. However, he ends up getting very good at it and Zai asks him to teach his sister to swim as well. Just when he was starting to be nice to his sister, his sister pulled a prank on him and took all of his cars. Biggs was quite upset about this and claimed that his sister was a mean kid. There is no choice for Zai except to ground her.

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